Guys in Disguise   (Dag Kolsrud)

Black ray bans and a buffalo cap
       F              G
on the cover of a magazine
E        Am
oh - the man of men
F               G
handsome and so mean

Tight jeans and a t-shirt torn
on a harley with a rear seat free
oh- the man of men
what chics really want to see

Bb                     F
Muscles there and just everywhere
and designer stub
Bb                F
sunbed tanned and loads of hair
he’s a superstud

    Am      D
But roxy is into the look
G                  Em
hoping he’s really loaded
Am    D
roxy, she’s on the hook
G            Bm
he’s strong, sexy as hell, 
F                     E
great for a one night stand
  C            D                Cm
a toyboy after all - is a trip

A red corvette or a jaguar
who the hell do you think you are?
oh – the days are gone
won’t get them with your car
get hair if you ain’t got enough
they can even enlarge your size
even brand new teeth
anything at a prize

Image right it's gotta be right
you can drink a bud
just a surgical doll but out of sight
you’re a superstud

But roxy is into the look…………….

The good old trick is then to get her home
                                Bb     F
and just for her there are some roses
you quickly write her name into a card
                            Bb     F
which yesterday was not the same
Bb                       F
show her now what you’ve got for her
         C         D
you’re a superstud superstud

But roxy is into the look……………


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