Capo 1 bånd

Intro: A,G,A,Bm,A,D,A,Bm,A

[G]Down the street from the hotel[A]

[Bm]Same old streets tha[Bm7]t we know so well[A]

[Bm7]A few high-rises line[D] the walls of urban hell[A]

[Bm]The kids are kicking through the snow[A]

Ref: X2
[G]Where the exiles go[A]

Where the [Bm]exiles go[A]

[G]Come via Stockholm on a train[A]

[Bm]Don't wanna make that trip again[A]

[G]Glad to be out here in the sleet and the rain[A]

[Bm]Norwegian men I love them so[A]

Ref: X2
[G]Where the exiles go[A]

Where the [Bm]exiles go[A]

[G]Making movies for the man[A]

[Bm]Getting to work in the back of a van[A]

[G]Getting heavy in a haze of crystal meth.[A]

[Bm]Hey no one's ever gonna know[Bm7]

Ref: X2
[G]Where the exiles go[A]

[Bm]Where the exiles go[A]


[G]A lot of people come through here[A]

[Bm]A lot has changed over the years[A]

[G]The kids are getting really young now[A]

[Bm]That come to turn the golden wheels[A]

[G]And you will never ever know just how it feels[A]

[Bm]This kind of human sacrifice[A]

[G]To be invisible to everybody's eyes[A]

[Bm]And to Mister politican on the radio[E]

[G]And to Mister charming richman in the TV show[A]


Do you know?


Ref: X3
[G]Where the exiles go[A]

[Bm]Where the exiles go[A]




[F#,G,D,] X11

[F#m]And when the [D]driving snow

[Bm]Is driving everyone [D]home

[F#]Then [G]all the exiles [D]must go

[F#m]Go walking [G]on th[D]eir own

[F#]They never [D]stop and talk

And they never slow down

[F#m]A lone and [G]mindless [D]flight

[F#m]Like so many [D]animals might

[F#]Be running [G]for their [D]lives

[F#m]They to[G]o are running [D]now

[F#m]Whatever [D]made them run

[F#]Is never [D]far behind

[F#]Is there something [D]out there

They just have to find?

[F#]Or can they just never run [D]far enough?

[F#m]And you see it when you [Bm]see them pass you [D]by

[F#]And you see it [D]when you look into their eye

[F#]That only [D]exiles know

[F#]Where all the [G]exiles go[D]

[F#m]That only [D]exiles know

[F#m]Where all the exiles [D]go

[F#]Don't look [D]back

[F#m]Never [D]slow down

[F#]Don't [D]look back

[F#]Never [D]slow down

Don't look back

[F#m]Never [D]slow down

[F#]Don't [D]look back

[F#]Never [D]slow down


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