Inner vision

av Kos009 06/04-2014
Am         E         Am                 E
   Inner vision I am lost among the clouds
F              E             Dm              E
   Old superstitions getting ugly low and loud
Am               E           Am        E
   I can’t make no decisions I rely on inner visions
F            E               Dm         E
   To show me the way, within and without

F              E          Am                
   I try my best to be as truthful as I can
F            E            Am E Am E
   Inner vision guides my hand
F              E              Am  
   Oh will you ever understand

Am - E – Am – E – F – E – Dm – E

Gjenta første del

The road was empty, someone took me by the arm
And reassuring me she meant to do no harm
And in the darkness she confided to my soul
I never felt so alive, oh no I never felt so whole

I closed my heart to her, I know that it was wrong
But inner vision leads me on
Say, what else could I have done?

I turn my eye then to the shipwrecks in the deep
Lost rivers whisper to me even as we speak
Do I seem helpless to you? Well you don’t see what I see do you?
Are dreams so real to you, they keep you from your sleep?

Dm              E
   I sense my fire dying
Dm          E            	Dm
   I see my eyes are turning blank
Dm	      E	              Am – E – Am – E
   As I turn back into your rank
Dm	     E	           Am E     Am E      F  E  Am
   But inner vision’s alive	alive	   alive


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