My Brothers Melody (akustisk med Kurt Nilsen)

av Klimpre 31/12-2023
Vers: Am Dm Bb Am G
Refreng: G C Am Dm G Em Am

(Am) Still I hear his (Dm) sentence,
(Bb) still I hear my choice, (Am) (G)
(Am) whether I would lock myself (Dm) in,
(Bb) or listen to his voice (Am) (G)

(Dm) Release your (G)thoughts, your energy
(C) you'll never (Am)fear your enemy
(Dm) just keep your (G) thoughts around this (Em) melody (Am),
(Dm) and then you'll (G) see whats there to see,
(C) your inner (Am)pride will set you free
(Dm) this is what (G)my brother (Em)sang for (Am) me my brother,
(Em)sang for (Am) me my brother,
(Em)sang for (Am) me my brother,
(Em)sang for (Am) me... 

(Dm)ai,ai, (G)ai,ai ai ai (Am) (G) (Am) (G)
wow wow oh (Dm)ai ai, (G) ai,ai,ai a ahai... (Am) (G) (Am) (G)
wow wow, (Dm) ai, (G) ai,ai,ai ai ai... (Am) (G) (Am) (G)
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